How much value do you put on a piece of project management software that will transform your business workflow and make it virtually paperless?

glowt is not simply project management software it has many other features. It can keep your clients informed of work progress with daily updates and progress logs of work completed (sent via e-mail). Your clients can have their own dashboard where they can view their jobs in progress, quotes and invoices. Being simple to use, with drag and drop functionality enables the system to be easily understood by employees and clients alike. The beauty of glowt is that it can be tailored to your needs with add on modules which can add extra functionality where needed. In a nutshell, glowt can perform many functions for your business administration, it can be a CRM system, project management software or CRM database to name a few.

So, how much does glowt cost?

The core glowt system cost £10 a month per user.
Additional modules to the core are available at £1.00* each.

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