Posted on 9th November 2017

Create, process and assign jobs seamlessly. This intuitive module organises jobs internally and also helps bridge communication between business and client.

  • Simple drag and drop for easy job management
  • Customisable templates for specific job types
  • Attach files to jobs and progress logs
  • Colour coded statuses

Helping you to nurture and retain your customers with progress logs and reports which are automatically emailed to them on a daily basis*.

On the main ‘Jobs’ screen, jobs are organised by employees through their Avatar picture. You can re-allocate jobs by dragging the job sheet and dropping it onto another person. Clicking on a job will take you to the job sheet, giving full details of the job.

Dragging a job into a status will change the status of the job between:

  • Active
  • On Hold
  • Complete
  • Archive
  • In Approval
  • Any other status you wish – fully customisable for your company

When the status of a job is changed to ‘Complete’, glowt will notify accounts that the job is complete and ready for invoicing. Clicking on any of the status’ will show all jobs by status.

You can search for a job by number or name in the top search bar from anywhere in glowt.

Jobs can be linked up to timesheets. Perhaps if you have a monthly retainer with one client, glowt allows jobs to be linked up to one timesheet for tracking.

There is also the option to view the jobs schedule which allows for key event and dates to be visible to all employees.

* The feature is only available when used in tandem with the Clients Access module.