Posted on 9th November 2017

Your virtual HR department. Tailor permissions for employees and employer.

The HR module allows users to submit and review sick days and holidays in just a few clicks. Not only this but the administrator has control over departments, management and employees in one place.

  • Employee documentation, including contracts
  • Review Employee history and statistics
  • Handbooks and other documentation
  • Calendar availability and blocked events

No more quibbling over who has had what holiday or how many!

Depending on your managerial status, there is then an area to approve or decline holiday requests. There is also a calendar showing your schedule for the next 30 days. The calendar showcases all events whether approved or awaiting approval. You can also add events to the calendar.

Add ‘Useful Documents’ to glowt with the HR module, with the ability to organise HR Documents.¬†Accessibility to the documents can be given to the relevant employees.

All settings, reporting structures, departments are fully customisable for your business.